Imagine the best
sailing experiencee
you can dream of

come true!

Imagine sailing in different beautiful locations somewhere on the planet, every year, for 2 to 3 months. No need to sail the oceans. The boat will be there for you.

A 40 foot catamaran which can be disassembled to fit in two standard containers, ready to be shipped and stored globally.

Imagine sailing with friends and family in a warm climate. Spending the day outdoors, having a huge living space with the sky as the ceiling. Cooking, dining and relaxing on deck. Enjoying a family sized dining table, just like at home. With the option to shelter this area from the sun and/or wind, if required.

The catamaran has an open bridge deck, with 25 m2 of outdoor floor space, which can be covered. Inside it has 6 berths, a kitchen, a dining table and bathroom. Just for those few days when the weather is not cooperating.

Imagine the sailing to be easy, comfortable and safe, with very little heel. At the same time the boat has great sailing and tacking abilities. The boat’s performance is incredible. The speed is twice as fast as you are used to.

The cat is made of glass/carbon reinforced epoxy and is lightweight, has very little draft and minimal resistance. Therefore, it is a great and quick responding vessel with incredible speed.

Imagine sailing in shallow waters, not accessible to other boats; mooring at flat water anchorages, or stranding on a pristine tropical beach. These are just a few of the many possibilities.

Retractable dagger boards and rudders limit the draft to 0.4 meter, without compromising sailing performance.

Imagine not needing to dock in a marina for the night. The boat is fully self-supporting and off the grid. There is no need to stock up on fuel, gas and water.

All equipment runs on electricity generated by 10 m2 of solar panels and by two electrical motors through hydro-power-regeneration.

I-GO 40 on videos
In this short video a general impression, background information and details of the I-GO 40 are provided by one of the owners, Egge Haak. Produced by
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